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Erasmus of Rotterdam wrote The Praise of Folly, where he gave the case for making foolishness (i.e decisions by intelligent people but very wrongheaded) an explanation for many problems. Today, I'll go a step further, and give "The Praise of Mysticism", where I claim that Mysticism - the irrational belief that mind-conjured realities can take the place of the common, absolute reality, and the ultimate cause of all evil - can often be used as the ultimate reason for many things.

People often look for natural motives: money, power, etc.. But in the case of evil people (including most politicians, most clergymen, many people in the media, etc.), there is another motive: mysticism or evil. They often do things because they are evil, not because they seek money or whatever. It may seem a bit presporous but carry on.

The Evil People

My mother once told me there are no evil people only evil actions. She couldn't have been more wrong. Hitler was obviously evil. So was Stalin, Mao and other people. The Nazis caused the death of over 20 million people in World-War-II. The Communists in the 20th century killed 100 million of their own people. Why would anyone kill so many people? It wasn't for survival - no. They were evil. Here's what the Neo-Tech orientation and definition has to say about it:

The meaning of moral in Neo-Tech is simple and direct: Whatever is consciously done to help fill human biological needs is good and moral (e.g., the productive actions of honest people). Whatever is consciously done to harm or prevent the filling of human biological needs is bad and immoral (e.g., the destructive actions of mystics and neocheaters).

Honestly using one's reasoning nature is always beneficial and moral; dishonestly using one's reasoning nature is always harmful and immoral. ...Volitionally harmful acts always arise from mysticism -- from dishonesty, rationalizations, evasions, defaults.

Yet, acting on fully integrated honesty (Neo-Tech), not reason itself, is the basic moral act. When Genghis Khan, for example, chose to use reasoning for a specific military move, then in an out-of-context sense, he chose to act morally by protecting himself and his troops (thus filling human biological needs). But in the larger sense of fully integrated honesty, Khan's total actions were grossly immoral in choosing to use aggressive force in becoming a mass murderer (thus negating human biological needs). The highly destructive, irrational immorality of Genghis Khan's overall dictatorial military actions far outweighed any narrow, out-of-context "moral" actions. ...Genghis Khan was enormously evil as were Stalin, Hitler, Mao, Castro, Pol Pot.

OK, now if those people are so evil and destructive, what has made them able to destroy so much? Why do people listen to them? The answer lies in Neocheating. But first some historical background.

The Origins of Consciousness

A lot of people think that people once, while being fully conscious and sentient, wondered about the origins of life, and created the gods. In "Guns, Germs and Steel", Jared Diamond contemplates that religions and priests were created to justify wars. However, this is not the case.

Once upon a time, all humans were completely unconscious: they were fully capable of thinking, reasoning, and functioning, but were still automatons. They had no sense of self, and had the dual-chamber (= "bicameral") mind to guide them. They were super-intelligent and built complex societies, invented language, writing and trade, but were still all non-sentient.

It may seem fantastic. However, bees are fully functioning - but are they conscious? How about bacteria? Somewhere between a human being and a passive animal you have to draw the line and that line goes in humans of around 1500 BC. They weren't conscious. Very intelligent but not conscious.

These people had gods that guided them. Originally the voices of dead people and leaders, these gods became their guides. The leaders spoke to the gods and were often considered gods, and so there was an hierarchy. However, then societies became too complex to be managed by unconsciousness alone. And due to the geography of the Near East, the people had no place to spread to. Moreover, trade and other factors have weakend and proliferated the voices of the gods. So without much choice, people had to create a new layer of mental processes (a brain "software" if you may) - consciousness.

People became conscious, but they still recalled the gods that guided them. So they looked for ways to retrieve them. The people who could became known as "Nevi'im" to the Israelis, as "Oracles" to the greeks, etc. They are modern day Schizophrenics. They reverted to the original bicameral mind and spoke in rhythms, because rhythm, poetry and song was the language of the gods, the language of the right hemisphere. Julian Jaynes gives a lot of evidence to show that poetry is a right hemisphere function, while freeform speech is a left hemisphere function.

However, people still have vestiges of the pre-conscious mind. They still often seek external authority (even though they don't really need it) and many people seek to control others. How do they achieve that?

The Paradigm for Controlling People

The tale of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden is an early echo for the fact that humans have lost their "innocence" by becoming conscious. People still seek an effortless paradise. Thus, evil people make use of the following paradigm as identified in Neo-Tech III:

  1. First man is made to feel guilty. He is condemned for having lost his "innocence" by inventing consciousness. He is condemned for assuming the responsibility to use his own mind to guide his life. He is condemned for exchanging his automatic, bicameral life for a volitional, conscious life...condemned for exchanging his nature-given bicameral mind for a superior, man-invented conscious mind.
  2. Then man is offered automatic solutions to problems and guidance through life -- is offered an "effortless" Garden of Eden or a utopian hereafter if he exchanges his own invented consciousness for faith in external "authority": bicameral faith in some leader, doctrine, or god. He is offered the "reward" of protection and the escape from the self-responsibility of making one's own decisions to guide one's own life. But for that "reward", he must renounce his own mind to follow someone else's mind or wishes disguised as "truths" promulgated by some external "authority" or higher power.

Makes sense, doesn't it? Christianity used it during the middle ages, and so did the Nazis, the Communists, and all theist religions and doctrines nowadays do in various variations. You can hear leaders speaking it in the news all the time.

Neocheating and Altruism

Neocheating is the technique of cheating people while appearing to be good, honest and direct. It usually oriented around "Altruism" - the belief that people should subject themselves to "higher causes" - anything except their own happiness. The Neo-Tech advantages dispel a large number of falsehoods that accumulated throughout the centuries. It also shows how words were contorted to mean different things, and with a contorted language came contorted thinking, as language is primarily and most importantly a tool of thought, not a tool of communication. I highly recommend reading it cover to cover, or at least going over some of the advantages there after reading the orientation and definition.

Altruism is unnatural for humans. I'm not claiming that humans should not contribute to others. I spend most of my waking hours contributing to the well-being of everybody by working on public artwork. But I'm doing it by choice and because it makes me happier. Everything people do is in order to increase their self-esteem, either directly or indirectly. But some people were led to believe they have to subject themselves to "higher causes": "the poor", "the country", "God", "the family", "the religion", etc. etc. But these causes are unnatural. They don't make you happier - they make you feel more guilty, more dependent and less happy.

All the religions of the world (including many "secular" religions) are religions of death and are meant to control people. They make them less integrated thinkers, cloud their mind, subject them to "higher causes" and improper care.

The Revolution has Started

The so-called "leaders" of the world are incompetent, impotent, dishonest, deceitful, liars, dishounarable, cheaters - in short mystical and evil. They are capable of doing anything that Tolkien ever depicted Sauron to do, but are completely not awe-inspiring. After reading this summary, they will lose their mind. Completely. And this message will spread like wildfire.

Tomorrow, the head guards of Nasarallah (a simple peon) will point their machine guns at him and tell him to leave his well-guarded office or be shot to death. He will leave, for he is too incompetent of losing his life. Tomorrow, the President of the United States (who supposedly heads the U.S. government, which is the most destructive entity in existence today) will be answered with "Go to hell, Mr. Bush", or "Fuck you, idiot!" for every command he utters. And every convention he goes to will immediately become a very loud booing and cursing and people disrespecting him and shouting the worst possible and often unprintable mess. He will end up crying, and having to quit.

I don't make the Neo-Tech mistake of following the "Eye for an Eye, Tooth for a Tooth" revenge. I believe in Justice - not in revenge. All the evil people (mystics and neocheaters) will become commoners and will eventually be trained to become good honest people. They will become a tail for the lions instead of the heads of the jackals. I'm not interested in killing them, because killing a Hitler is still killing a conscious being, however his past is. I would humiliate Hitler to tears, but would never harm a strand of his hair.

This is true justice. I may be compassionate and an idealist, but it is better than being a murderer.

If you're reading this message - join me now. Stop subjecting yourself to the old and deprecated bicameral mind. Stop believing that your consciousness can survive the absense of the body on which it depends. (A.k.a: the afterlife). The future is a future of youth-rejuvanating biological immortality for everyone, not of death for every conscious human being, whether a destructive mystic, a honest and happy factory worker or a supreme value-producer. (It doesn't make a difference - none of them should die).

Religion, doctrines dogma, prejudice and deceit bring you nothing but death. Don't subject yourself to death. Regain your Growth and experience more and more happiness and joy, more and more productivity, and less and less dependence on other people. Your body may age, but not your soul, your spirit, or your psyche. This way, you'll never want to die, and never find a need to.

The future is now!

(This blog entry is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution Licence version 3.0 or at your option a greater version.) Share, relicense and enjoy as long as you give me credit. (And a link would be nice).


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Apr. 16th, 2007 04:21 am (UTC)
Srart listen to your mother
There are no such thing as evil people. Everyone is born pure, their actions are forged with time and can be wrong or malicious.
Apr. 16th, 2007 07:17 am (UTC)
Re: Srart listen to your mother
No one is born evil, but some people become evil. And these people will have a hard time becoming good, benevolent people. Wouldn't you call people like Genghis Khan, Hitler, Stalin, Lenin, Mao Tse-Tong, etc. evil? They murdered more and more people, and they didn't stop in the middle - instead they continued. They were obsessed.

Mysticism is an obsession. It's addictive. You shouldn't worry about becoming a mystic after reading Neo-Tech. And many mystics who have read Neo-Tech got their fake ego crashed and shattered, until they became completely obsessed with getting rid of Neo-Tech.
Apr. 16th, 2007 08:39 am (UTC)
Re: Srart listen to your mother
Neo-Tech is very JIHBED, Shlomif runs on Neo-Tech.
Apr. 19th, 2007 09:11 am (UTC)
So where's the praise of mysticism?
May. 17th, 2007 05:07 am (UTC)
Julian Jaynes
Good summary of the NT stuff. Hey there's finally a new book out on Jaynes's theory: "Reflections on the Dawn of Consciousness: Julian Jaynes's Bicameral Mind Theory Revisited." Check it out...
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