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The "Use qmail Instead" Syndrome

A few years ago, I've noticed a pattern in the Linux-IL mailing list. Often when someone asked for help with a sendmail problem, some people said something similar to: "Sendmail sucks! Use qmail instead.".

I originally documented this pattern in a "Threads suck! You'd better use processes" discussion there. However, it seems this post was too obscure to be noticed by the entire Internet community.

A few days ago I joined #mandriva on Freenode trying to get to the bottom of a problem I have with kmail at work, where I cannot start KAddressBook from inside it. I asked my question and soon afterwards received:

  • One Thunderbird recommendation.
  • Two Evolution recommendations.
  • One sylpheed-claws recommendation.
  • One gmail recommendation.

The problem is that I wasn't interested to learn about alternative E-mail clients, and just wanted to get my problem solved. And in gmail's case it was completely out of the question due to my work's constraints.

Moreover, the same symptom was not present on my home Mandriva 2007 installation, nor it is present now that I've upgraded to Cooker (which will become 2007.1).

When someone asks for help with a problem with technology "A", and you happen to be a fan of its alternative "B", then recommending him to use "B" is not very helpful. If someone says: "I hate 'A''s guts! What can you recommend instead?" then you can recommend him "B". But if you don't know the answer to the problem with "A", then just don't say anything.

Regards, Shlomi Fish (whose Live Journal sucks and you should read Mulix' Live Journal instead). Have a nice day.


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Feb. 5th, 2007 12:43 pm (UTC)
FWIW I enjoy reading your lj and I don't think it sucks. How about a juicy Xen rant?
Feb. 5th, 2007 04:21 pm (UTC)
FWIW I enjoy reading your lj

I'm glad you do. :-)

and I don't think it sucks.

Well, the "use qmail instead" fallacy often involves subjective opinions.

How about a juicy Xen rant?

Looking forward to it. I've been working with Xen lately at work, and ran into a bug which exists in Xen Enterprise, but has already been fixed in Xen Unstable. Now I'm trying to figure out a way to install the new kernel without it causing the computer to reboot. (I've posted a
message about it to xen-devel
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