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Well, I stayed up all night during the night before last to backup. In the morning afterwards and during the rest of the day, I still really wasn't tired. One good thing that came out of it was that I covered several full chapters of "Perl Best Practices" (which I can now highly recommend).

During the day, I tried to get my Kubuntu system to work with my existing data which seems to be completely OK. I eventually upgraded to Ubuntu Dapper which is the most recent release. Even that is still missing recent software that exists in my Mandriva 2007 system, like Vim 7.0, or Apache 2.2.x, but it's still better.

At first I tried creating an account on my Kubuntu partition with the same UID as "shlomi" on Mandriva, but a different home directory location (/mnt/mandrake/home/shlomi). This worked well for some things, but eventually I opted for a better solution: create a symbolic link for /home/shlomi to point to the same directory in the Mandriva partition, and have the same username. This seems to work very well.

I had to install a lot of software to start hacking again, and as a result my 5.2GB Kubuntu partition is 90% full. I can install software using ./configure --prefix="", but I'd really like to enlarge the partition. Fortunately, due to backups and backup induced cleanups my mandriva partition now has 32 GB free space and I can comfortably reduce it. (Assuming the XFS tools can handle the bad blocks properly.).

I already updated my home site with two new ideas, and fixed some bugs I discovered there. I also discovered a very obscure Apache 2.0.x bug, which only Konqueror was affected from, and unsuccesfully tried to compile my homesite using perl-5.9.4. I'll try again later, but this may involve squashing some CPAN bugs.

Meanwhile, we bought a new hard disk (a 160 GB SATA one) to use as a replacement for the Linux one. This time I'll have one partition for home, and one or more partitions for the roots of the different distributions. I already burned a CD of Ehad 2006, where Ehad is the Israeli-oriented remastering of Mandriva, and am going to install it.

In case, I'm not going to write in this blog until Rosh Hashanah (which takes place this Friday) then Shanah Tovah. I expect that I'll again spend part of Yom Kippur summarising the previous year as reflected from my blogs.

Finally, today when I went to a walk, I took our good camera with me, and took some pictures. Expect them at a Flickr near you soonishly.


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Mar. 4th, 2011 03:41 am (UTC)
precist cely blog, docela dobre
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