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Cool Cats in Tel Aviv University

There's a tri-color (probably female) cat hanging around the Coffee to Go, at the main entrance to Tel Aviv University. What she does is pass through the people sitting there, eating and drinking, while possibly looking for leftovers to eat. She's pretty friendly.

There's a cat at the lawn outside the university right near the "Social Studies building". I can see him (or her) consistenly when biking through on Haim Levanon st. He's usually sitting on the edge of the stone fence, just resting.

When I passed through the other day, he was on the sidewalk, and acting strange, going around in circles. Maybe he was looking for something. I got off the bike and patted him (he let me), but he wasn't content with it either.

There's a female cat in Schreiber in TAU (where we hold the Tel Aviv Linux club presentations). People call her "Bruriyah" and she is considered the "Be'alim" (= owner) of Shcreiber. She's half-black half-white and not tri-color.


Mar. 27th, 2007 11:32 pm (UTC)
Non-technical blog separation?
Hi Shlomi!

I'm not sure how to begin so I'll just go ahead. I'm a reader from Teton, WY, and can be considered an "avid reader" of your blog. I do have one small issue that bothers me though: what I find most interesting (perhaps somewhat an exception among your readers) are the non-technical posts that bring views, opinions, and photos of Israel, the kind that appear less in media here in the States.

Would you consider separating the non-technical content from the technical one? I find it cumbersome to wade through the technical posts about vim and Linux, and although I assume they are interesting to some of the readers, I'm sure there are others who, like me, find the lesser technical posts more interesting. :)

I'm probably the last person to know how to perform this separation, but I'm assuming the easiest way would be to create another blog?


Mar. 28th, 2007 02:17 am (UTC)
Re: Non-technical blog separation?
Hi David! Thanks for your response.

These are my thoughts exactly. I've been thinking about creating several more specialised blogs instead of this catch-all-one. I already have several blogs around - most of them technical, but I suppose I can get another technical blog here on LJ.

Meanwhile, you may wish to make use of the LiveJournal Technorati tags system to filter out the "vim" and "linux" tags.

I should note that I still find most personal blogs, which detail the personal events that people encounter quite tiresome, so most of what I write here is going to be philosophical or at least of interest. One blog I used to read deteriorated in its level of interest, after its writer became a mother and started endlessly blogging about her motherhood experiences.

Apr. 1st, 2007 08:52 am (UTC)
Re: Non-technical blog separation?

Not to mention she is quite a psycho-mom.

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