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A while ago the top story in Israel was about the floor of an events hall, that collapsed during a wedding causing many casualties. Now, this floor was built using an Israeli invented construction method called "Pal-Kal", and as a result Pal-Kal became a synonym for an inherently bad technology. For example tddpirate often says "MS-Windows is the Pal-Kal of the PC world." in his email signatures. (see for instance this message), and once during a conversation when we discussed developing programs in Visual Basic, someone said it results in "The Pal-Kal effect".

However, it is possible this entire phrase is mis-attributed. The floor of the hall probably collapsed because several columns were removed some time after the construction, and not because it was built using the Pal-Kal method. As further evidence, many other Israeli buildings have been constructed using it, and all these building have been fine since the accident has occurred.

So now we have to find an alternative to "Pal-Kal". This shirt says "MySQL is the WinME of Databases". However, "MS-Windows is the Windows ME of the PC World" makes little sense. I guess for better or for worse Pal-Kal is going to stick regardless of how much factual its origin is.

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